Welcome to Group 1

Group 1 Productions is up and running, fully staffed and ready to help with any of your out-reach and communications projects.

These are unprecedented times, indeed, but moving forward has never been more critical for your organization. We are ready to help with a full palette of digital resources including:

  • Full video production for online and digital presentations
  • Short pre-roll and social media style video installments
  • Video tutorials
  • Scripted video presentations
  • Live event and presentation streaming
  • Animated and info-graphic presentations
  • On-camera/media training

We continue to provide these services and more as we all move into the next phase of the 21st Century. Our team of professionals includes highly skilled and experienced videographers, creative producers, video editors, script writers, audio engineers, graphic artists, web developers, animators, lighting experts and media trainers.

Rest assured that all Group 1 Team members are fully versed in Covid-19 preparedness and will operate under a strict set of guidelines designed to ensure safety. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you. Did we mention we are ready to go to work?


Alan Cook and the Team at Group 1 Productions