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Group 1 Streamlines and Simplifies the New Age of Marketing

Group 1 Productions is pleased to announce a new set of video offerings designed for social media distribution.

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At Group 1 Productions, we go the extra mile to get your brand message out into the world. When organizing an event, we go the extra mile to get your brand message out into the world.

“We’ve been advocating the use of on-line video for years. Before Twitter, You Tube and Facebook took hold, the process was much more complicated. Today, that disruption in the media-market is providing a simple, economic and phenomenally successful path for video distribution.”

– Alan Cook, Founder and Principal of Group 1 Productions

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Excel in this New-age Medium

Enhanced Social Media from Group 1 will integrate traditional high-quality video productions with a sustained social media presence to generate followings for products, services and both public and private sector offerings.

Enhanced Social Media addresses the new paradigm of social media advertising on two fronts:

First, it connects with existing publics—customers, clients, constituents—through timely, informative videos and text-posts placed on designated platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Second, and driven by the emersion of social media advertising, Enhanced Social Media boosts search parameters through its use of high-quality video production that quantify search results for the new wave of smart devices.

Here are some recent (2017) statistics according to Linkedin, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • In 2016, video content produced more than 70 percent of Return on Investment (ROI) in marketing globally.
  • By the end of 2017 online video will account for more than 75 percent of all online traffic.
  • Companies and organizations using video for marketing receive more than 41 percent more web traffic than companies using traditional marketing methods.
  • Video drives a whopping 157 percent increase in “organic” traffic to your site from search engines.
  • By 2019, internet videos will account for more than 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic.

2017 Online Traffic Consumption

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Featured Recent ESM Videos

Josh Everwood, a highly-touted multi-media producer, joined Group 1 in August of 2017 and is now heading the Enhanced Social Media outreach program.

Enhanced Social Media from Group 1 provides an ala carte set of offerings that include:

  • Video production with run-time lengths starting at 30 seconds
  • Social media placement, monitoring and maintenance as a service
  • Website production (including Facebook and blog sites), monitoring and maintenance as a service
  • Advertisement and Pre-Roll content, production and placement (both ala carte and as a service)
  • Content development for web, video and social media (both ala carte and as a service)